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"One on One" with a Licensed 

Body Art Practitioner.

Review of our microblading 

eyebrow salon. 

Process for microblading eyebrows. 

And why our tattoo shop / parlor in Nashua is the best & safest place for eyebrow microblading. 

Eyebrow Microblading and/or Eyebrow Tattooing

1ST Pass Session

2ND Pass Session 

Free Touch up if needed within 1 year.

Reduced price for the rest of your eyebrow's life. 

Aftercare & Follow Up Care

We know how nervous it can be 

on your first visit..  However, if you have any questions please call us. 


Katie  can now offer "tattoo" eyebrows.   This is a more permanent choice for your eyebrows.  Where Microblading las 1-3 years with no issues we are seeing not everyone's skin works the same & with tattooing we have not seen any issues.